I wish I was getting a new house

When I was growing up I knew this local couple who got divorced but still lived on the same property. The wife lived in the main home with the many kids and the ex-husband lived in a little bachelor suite multiple feet away. Apparently this arrangement worked out pretty well for them. Even as a kid, I thought this was a strange arrangement; Unfortunately, I am going through my own divorce currently and this arrangement is sounding better and better. My wife and I are superb friends but terrible at being fiances. Both of us have 30 acres of ranchland and we still want to be able to raise our kids as a couple. The only problem is that we don’t have a hour home on our property. Both of us decided it would be far cheaper to have a home constructed than it would be to each pay a separate mortgage note so we hired a building business. They came out and surveyed the land where we want to construct our soon-to-be ex wife’s house. Than she told them exactly what she wanted: just a little 1 bathroom home with all the amenities of home. The building suppliers estimated us a sufficient price quote and we agreed to it. They begin work in a month and the home should be complete by the end of the year. This is fantastic! I suppose we are lucky that we can still get along like this. It is far better for the kids and far better for our finances. However, I have to say that I am a bit jealous. I kind of wish I was the 1 getting the brand name house built by professional suppliers. This outdated home needs some repairs. Maybe after the building suppliers are done with the house I’ll have them make some repairs on the old and outdated house.


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