Contractors are building strip mall unquestionably fast

I have been entirely impressed with the building suppliers next door.

Let myself and others preface this with saying that I was entirely nervous when I had found out that the lot that had been sitting vacant for some years was going to be turned into a shopping plaza.

That is because we live right besides the vacant lot. I was so, so tired of all of the raccoons and snakes coming from the untested lot but I was just as nervous about the building suppliers who would be making a big mess and that I would have difficulty getting into our own home. Nothing could be further from the truth. The building suppliers have been unquestionably professional and courteous. There are of course loud noises being made as the buildings go up but that can’t be helped. They have confined the debris to the lot they are now working on as well. And, I have never once not been able to get into our home or driveway. I have to say that I am dinner impressed with the speed they are now working as well. It has only been a couple weeks since they began and it already looks like they are halfway finished. Every time I come house from work they have built new walls, put in windows, or done something else that seems like it would take weeks. How does it only take them a few hours? At this rate the suppliers should have the entire strip mall built in another week. Two more at the most. I can’t wait to see what kinds of shops open up here. I hope they open up 1 of our number one fave restaurants.


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