ADA compliant at last

With the COVID19 pandemic going around more and more things are being done via remote access.

All of our employees have been now working from house since April.

Both of us have even hired two new employees without even meeting them face to face. That was the case with John, our new tech guy. He is entirely fast and superb and an excellent asset to our team. He worked from his own house for several weeks before he had to come to the office for some in-office work. That was when we discovered that John is confined to a wheelchair. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that our office is not actually wheelchair friendly. I know it legally has to be but the issue had never come up so we never did anything about it. Needless to say there was a lot of apologizing when poor John came to the office because he couldn’t get through the front door. He ended up having to go back to his own house and we instantly looked for a construction business that could make our office building totally ADA complaint. Many of the construction companies we called could not come out for several weeks. That would not do so we kept calling until we found a construction business that would come out in a few afternoon. They added a ramp to the front door, made the washrooms wheelchair accessible, and fixed up a few other things we had not even considered. Now that we are completely ADA compliant and John can do his work, john seems to be apologetic for causing us to get all this construction work done even though he shouldn’t be. It definitely is not his fault. In fact, it is our fault. Both of us should have done this a lot sooner.



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