Not a fun experience

I was already pretty ticked off that I had to be away from the condo for so long for work.

I wanted to get a condo so badly that I even drove through the evening to make it to our condo as soon as I could be, and with that in mind, you can honestly understand why I was so upset that our central air conditioner was not working at our house.

I was pretty upset that something was going to happen to our condo before I was able to solve that it was going to be our central air conditioner, but thanks to the fact that I live in the South, the central air conditioner is particularly essential, in addition to when I walked through our door, it was roasting hot, then even though I was completely exhausted from the drive, I had a easily hard time sleeping without the central air conditioner; Now, I am going to have to call an HVAC repair dude, in addition to I can only hope that the central air conditioner can be fixed super quickly. I do not understand what could have even happened to the central air conditioner. When I left our house, I turned the central air conditioner off. I didn’t just turn the control component off on the central air conditioner. I wanted to make sure that the central air conditioner was going to stay off, so I made the choice to turn the breaker off that controls the central air conditioner. With that being said, when I turned the breaker on, the central air conditioner never came on. However, at least I can be delighted that the condo was still standing. It would have been much worse if the condo was burned down or something like that.


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