I hurt myself pretty bad when I dropped the A/C equipment

I dropped my A/C equipment on my toe, plus I suppose that I may have broken my toe.

  • It legitimately does not feel all that good, plus I can’t put any weight on that particular toe.

I suppose that not much can be done even if I did break my toe, so I am trying to just live through the pain. I dropped my A/C equipment on my toe while I was trying to install the A/C equipment in my living room window. I had the A/C equipment in the residing room because I was thinking that would be the best place to have my A/C equipment. After really thinking about it, I realized that it wasn’t the best place for my A/C equipment. I am hardly ever in my residing room, however most of the day, I am at work. I need my A/C equipment the most when I sleep. I easily found myself walking down to the residing room where the A/C equipment was in the middle of the night because I would get too sizzling in my room. I made the choice that it would legitimately be best to put my A/C equipment in the window in my bedroom instead of in the residing room. It really wasn’t working for me to have my A/C equipment in the residing room. I moved the A/C equipment upstairs, plus I tried to install it in my bedroom window. I had a strenuous time though because my bedroom window is much larger than the window in my residing room. I was having a very hard time installing it when I ended up dropping it on my toe. It hurt incredibly bad. I almost threw the A/C equipment out the window, however I was able to calm myself down a bit.


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