Not sure what to do here

I have a pretty nice house.

The only thing with it is the fact that I don’t know anything about interior design! What I really need is major interior design help and to hire a professional interior designer to make my home shine! I know that interior designers can charge a lot of money for their services, which is why I have been holding back on even calling around to different interior designers to get something set up. I just do not want to pay thousands of dollars just to have someone come into my home and rearrange things and suggest new furniture, products, etc. So not only would I be paying for interior design help, but I would also be paying for additional furniture! It would be quite a costly process all together. I may take to looking online at various websites for suggestions and help with interior design. I’m no interior designer, but if I knew where to begin and what looked good, I could possibly at the very least throw something together where my home would at least look a little more lively than it does at this very moment in time. The house itself is nice, but the decoration is not so nice. And that is totally my fault and doing. I am just not that good at interior design. However, I am going to try to change that so I do not have to spend thousands on hiring a professional to come in and give me interior design help!

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