I learned a lesson, I hope

Back when I was in high university several years ago I was running for class president.

Looking back this is rather stupid plus super inmature.

But at that time I took it so seriously as if I was actually running for president of the United States of America or something! At the time, I went all out with it plus even spent a small amount of our own amount of saved money on having signs plus posters printed up to put all around the university. I definitely went all out on those signs plus posters that I could purchase at the time. When I look back now, I very think dumb. Because I didn’t even win! The whole class president thing, it turns out, was picked from the start by the dumb mentors plus other school staff. They had their number one little geek in mind, plus no matter which students voted for what, the fix was in so to speak! How awful! And why bother with it at all? I still am kicking myself as an adult for spending our part time summer money that I was saving for a motorcar at the time on signs plus posters to try to help myself and others promote myself for class president! Someone probably should have stopped myself and others from printing all those signs plus posters! Believe it or not, it was a lesson l received rapidly! Also, I still to this day have a few of those signs plus posters in a wooden box as memorabilia from our teenage years. I found them for myself the other day which is what made myself and others stop and remember all of this printing nonsense.