Big sales, big purchase

I just recently sold off our entire old vinyl record collection on the internet rather than letting it collect dust in the corner.

I did it through a few different websites plus there is tons of super old vinyl to ship out. Because of this naturally I have to go ahead and print a bunch of shipping labels plus get a ton of packages ready for final dispatch. Because there are so many packages to be sent, which seems like it will likely take a lifetime to get ready, I can not use our basic beach house printer just to print out all of these labels. I am going to have to go out and hire a short run label printing service to do this for me. I am very thankful, instead, that I spoke to a buddy of mine who has made myself and others aware of the existence of short run label printing services. I did not even think there was such a thing on this planet as short run label printing services until he told me. It was after I was carefully telling him how I did not think how I was going to print out all of these shipping labels for my sales. I did not expect this stuff to sell all at once plus so fast! The short run label printing service he recommended was surprisingly not as luxurious as I was imagining it was likely going to be. The short run label printing service ended up costing almost 46 percent less than what I would have spent having to buy all the stupid printer ink I would have needed!
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