You don’t want to be scammed by an HVAC scammer

This is seriously difficult to believe, but there are Heating and Air Conditioning machine scammers out there just waiting for you.

Not to hurt you or anything, but they might try and steal currency from you by selling you heating and cooling machines that you don’t absolutely need.

I guess that this sounds a little on the crazy side, but it actually happened to me this past summer season. My air conditioning machine stopped working and the temperatures outside were tremendously hot. I definitely was trying to get the air conditioning machine fixed but I didn’t want to pay a pressing air conditioning repair bill, either. I started looking online for all kinds of heating and air cooling machine companies to get a couple estimates for my air conditioning machine repair work. I found numerous HVAC companies with excellent reviews in my area, but I wasn’t sure who to pick to fix my A/C machine. Then I came across another place for a newer Heating and Air Conditioning machine supplier that was extremely cheap. I couldn’t actually believe how much they were asking for a complete air conditioning repair and tune up for me. I was totally thrilled and so I called them up and made an appointment immediately to have them come out and repair the air conditioning machine for me. When the Heating and Air Conditioning machine worker got to the residence, he didn’t seem to know what he was doing with my air conditioning machine! He easily claimed that he fixed it, but my residence didn’t start cooling down at all! Now, I’m quite certain that I was scammed by this person. I think you absolutely need to check credentials before you let people work on your air conditioning machine.


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