We don’t want to block our curtains in our living room to save energy

During the afternoons, our living room area constantly heats up a lot because of the sunshine flowing in through the sizable windows.

All of us have these really huge floor to ceiling windows in that room because every one of us have a fantastic view of a pond that is out in our backyard.

Sometimes we even have a family of ducks that love to nest out there so it is plenty of fun for us to watch the pond… With the sunshine heating up the room through the windows, though, it’s easily causing some severe problems with our cooling machine bills. All of us love spending time in the living room area watching some TV, playing board games, and checking out the ducks in the pond with our youngsters. However, every one of us does not prefer having to pay high cooling machine bills at the end of the month! I decided to reach out to our local heating and cooling corporation to see if they had any energy savings tips for us. Of course the first thing that they said was that every one of us should cover up the windows with curtains to stop all of the heat transfer from happening! That was the last thing that every one of us wanted to do, though. All of us didn’t want to block our lovely view just to save currency on our cooling machine bills, so I asked if there was anything else that could be done to help with the cooling machine situation. The Heating and A/C business recommended that every one of us try using a ductless mini split cooling machine device in the living room area! I’m definitely interested to see if a ductless mini split heating and cooling machine will really help.


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