Watch out for HVAC scammers

This is unquestionably taxing to believe, however there are Heating and Air Conditioning appliance scammers out there just waiting for you.

They are not trying to hurt you or anything, however they will try and steal money from you by selling you heating and cooling appliances that you don’t entirely need. I realize that this sounds a little bit crazy, however it happened to me last summer. My air conditioner appliance stopped working and the temperatures outside were terribly hot. I wanted to get the A/C appliance fixed although I didn’t want to pay for a sizable air conditioner repair bill, either. I started looking online for all kinds of heating and air cooling companies to get some estimates for my a/c repair task. I found many companies with fantastic reviews in my area, although I wasn’t sure who to go with… Then I came across another place for a newer Heating and Air Conditioning appliance company that was incredibly cheap. I couldn’t actually believe how much their services were for air conditioning repairs. I was cheerful and so I called them up and made an appointment instantaneously to have them come out and repair the A/C appliance for me… When the Heating and Air Conditioning appliance worker got to the dwelling, he honestly didn’t seem to know anything about my air conditioner appliance! He claimed that he fixed it, however my dwelling didn’t start cooling down in the slightest! Now, I’m pretty sure that I was scammed by him. I suppose you really need to check credentials before you let people work on your air conditioner appliance.


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