Beware of HVAC scammers

This is honestly tough to believe, but there are Heating as well as Air Conditioning scammers out there waiting for you.

Not to hurt you or anything, but to try as well as steal cash from you by selling you heating as well as cooling devices that you don’t particularly need. I suppose that this sounds a little bit nutty, but it actually happened to myself last hot season. My air conditioner device stopped working as well as the temperatures outside were extremely hot. I wanted to get the A/C device fixed but I didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money for an air conditioner device repair bill, either. I started looking online for various heating as well as air cooling companies to get some estimates for the air conditioner repair task. I found various different ones with nice reviews in our area, but I wasn’t sure which to go with. Eventually I came across another site for a newer Heating as well as Air Conditioning device company that was super cheap. I couldn’t actually believe how much they were willing to come as well as do a house call and a complete air conditioner repair as well as tune up for. I was honestly thrilled and so I called them up as well as made an appointment right away to have them come out as well as work on the A/C device for me. When the Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional got to the household, she didn’t seem like she knew a single thing about my air conditioner device! She said she fixed it, but my house didn’t start cooling down in the least! Now, I’m pretty sure that I was scammed by her. I think you really need to check credentials before you let people labor on your air conditioner device.

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