These were a mistake

I was so disappointed when I got radiant heated floors installed in my house.

I had been looking forward to getting the radiant heated floors for a while, and let me tell you how much of a waste of cash they were and a huge let down they were! First off, the radiant heated floors did not even heat my home very well.

It felt like I was stuck with a very weak portable space heater throughout the house! As a matter of fact, a portable space heater would have heated just my living room alone way better than these overpriced radiant heated floors! Also, the thermostat never reacted with the radiant heated floors as it should. It was like there was some kind of a connection issue when there really wasn’t. I always was having that issue as well. To make a very long story short, after investing thousand dollars in these pieces of junk called radiant heated floors I had no choice but to get them removed and go back to the good old fashioned central heating and air conditioning system unit! At least the central heating would heat my home great. Even though it cost a lot to run it in the winter months, it did me just fine. There is no miracle heating system that is going to save you lots of money on your monthly electric bills. Radiant heated floors in my humble opinion are a total waste of money and a major piece of junk in HVAC technology that needs to be worked on some more before they can claim they are so great.


Cooling representative