Once a year, we get our air ducts cleaned out

Once a year, we have our air ducts cleaned professionally by our local HVAC company.

It’s something that we started doing when my husband Jon read that it’s helpful for people with breathing issues and asthma.

We both suffer from those things and so Jon started having our air ducts cleaned. I read somewhere that this doesn’t really help anything unless you’re dealing with a mold or mildew infestation, but since Jon is convinced that it’s helpful, I don’t mind supporting him in having it done once a year. It doesn’t really cost that much in the great scheme of things. Anyway, last year when we had it done we found out that we actually did have a mold problem but the HVAC technicians were able to treat the problem for us while they were on site. They cleaned all of the air ducts and the ventilation system and once they were finished with that part of the job, they sprayed this special spray onto the sheet metal ventilation ducts to kill all of the mold. Once we finished having that done, I talked to the HVAC technician about installing a UV light air purification system for us. I don’t like the idea of having bacteria or viruses or mold being able to infiltrate our ventilation system! Having great indoor air quality is very important to Jon and me so I’m glad that we got the air purifier installed in the house. Ever since then, we haven’t had any more issues with the ventilation system in our house. It’s helping with all of our breathing issues, too.

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