My sibling Eric is jealous of our smart control unit

I suppose that this sounds a little bit crazy, however my sibling Eric is jealous over the modern smart control unit proposal that both of us had installed a few weeks ago.

  • Honestly, I guess that my sibling would be jealous of practically anything that I have, given the chance.

He’s just a jealous person. It’s not a fantastic trait to have, as well as I wish that I could help him get over it although he does not truly even guess that jealousy is a concern that he has. The most recent thing that he’s having concerns over is our modern smart control unit, of all things. He was at our house for dinner the other evening as well as my wife was decreasing the temperature on our modern smart control unit from her smartphone. When he asked her what she was doing, she showed him the app on her smartphone as well as how it connects to the control unit, then she was simply telling him how cool it is to be able to adjust the heating as well as the from her cellphone as well as he truly got mad about it. I could tell he was concerned by his facial expressions as well as the way he kept rolling his eyep, then but then I caught him writing down the brand of control unit that both of us have as well as so I suppose he’s going to go as well as purchase 1 just care about it. It’s so childish of him, however I suppose that’s just how he is. Being mad about a smart control unit is the dumbest thing that I’ve ever heard of, however leave it to my sibling to make it into a problem.

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