In the storage room

I am about to move, and in getting ready for the move I had to do a task that I was not looking forward to! That was cleaning up my messy and disaster-like storage room! If I was to even try to describe how bad this place was you would not even believe me, so I will not even try to.

But what I wanted to mention was that in going through and cleaning up this tornado looking aftermath, I found a lot of things I did not even know I had! And one thing that was very useful was the fact that I found a whole unopened and unused pack of air filters for the central heating and air conditioning system! And on top of that, they were the really expensive HEPA air filters! HEPA air filters are something that I love to buy when I can because they not only work as great air filters, but they sometimes end up sort of cleaning the indoor air quality like a whole home air purification system! And now here I was cleaning up this tornado aftermath of a mess, and I find a whole huge pack of HEPA air filters! I was so happy that I was not going to have to buy any HEPA air filters for a while once I moved to my new house that I was going to be moving to in about a month and a half! In addition to the HEPA air filters, I also found my old digital thermostat. And I will mention that the digital thermostat was in perfect working order.
a/c set up