I think everyone should have a UV light air purifier at their house

I’m a huge proponent of UV light air purifiers.

  • This is something that I had never even heard of up until a year or two ago.

Let’s just say that my interest in all things heating and cooling related came about the same time that I started dating my current boyfriend. He just happens to be a professional HVAC technician, and so I have been learning all kinds of things about current HVAC technology that I never really cared about one bit before I met him. I have to admit that some of the things he tells me are really boring, but sometimes he has some interesting information about certain kinds of furnaces, cooling systems, radiant heated flooring, and of course, air purification devices. I am always looking for ways to improve the indoor air quality in my house, so when he started telling me about different kinds of air purifiers, I made sure to zone in and listen to what he was saying. Apparently, if you run a UV light air purification system in tandem with your existing heating and cooling system, you can get rid of almost all airborne particles, viruses, and bacteria that could get into your ventilation system and make you sick. When I heard that, I told him that what I wanted for my birthday was for him to come and install a UV light air purifier for me! I hope he doesn’t think that I’m using him purely for HVAC purposes, because I really do like him. The HVAC part definitely doesn’t hurt, though!


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