My sister likes to converse through song

I have an unusual sibling who loves to sing. She sings when she is trying to tell people something or give them a hint. Recently, my sibling has been coming over to my apartment to visit & she starts singing about somebody needing to improve their air quality within their home. When she first started, did not let it bother me, despite the fact that she comes over a few times a week. She is always singing a tune about somebody forgetting to change their air filter to their HVAC system, so I told her that I do in fact change the air filter. Then, she asked me about my duct work. I had to tell her that she better not begin singing about duct cleaning, but she just ignored me. She broke out in song & after that I began chasing her. I realized that she was right though, because I had to do something about the air quality inside my apartment & she was merely dropping hints through song. She’s a talented singer & she’s always practicing her vocals. It does not matter if it is through conversation or if she is practicing her music, she just adores singing whenever she can. She has been in several musicals & she has a dream to make it big so she can sing in front of countless people. I do suppose that she will make it someday, I just hope that she does not continue to sing to me or my HVAC complications, that really gets on my nerves.


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