Employees and SEO business

When starting my own SEO business, there were a lot of things I didn’t expect, and a lot of things that I had to learn.

Luckily, since most of my family is into business, I had free advice from most of my family members.

Through my mother, who had her own digital marketing company, she informed me of the importance of SEO. If I wanted businesses to rank well, Search Engine Optimization was the way to go. I took her advice and researched how to apply SEO into websites. I took keywords that business would use, like one was for a timber company, so keywords like wood were compiled into a list. I then hired writers who could write the keywords into normal articles so they could be placed on the business’s website. Most of the writers could work from home, but some of my better quality workers I would have met in person to give separate projects. The only problem with this is the fact that some of the people who would work at home, would not turn in their projects as they should, and some were repeat offenders. Although apart from the few who didn’t turn in their work as they should, most of them did an excellent job. I still have a lot to learn about maintaining a SEO company, but from what I have learned so far has helped keep my business afloat. I am hoping I can soon help a lot of business rank better in the search engine, and hopefully my business will become well known.



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