Landlord tried to swindle me with flex plastic instead of metal.

I’ve been living at the same lake house for the last numerous years, plus while I have overall been pleased with the house itself plus the excellent location, I’ve had continuing complications with my Heating plus A/C system.

Not only do the AC plans run non-stop during the Summer plus they do not cool me to the temperature I set on the temperature control, however the cold air that is coming out of my vents reeks undoubtedly of must.

I contacted my property owner to have them bring out the Heating plus A/C company that has serviced this house before, however it took them some time to take it seriously. Once the Heating plus A/C worker came over plus went through the air duct, he found that not only was it leaking, there was strong microbial growth in it as well. Little did I think that the property owner had redone the air duct system with the flex plastic before I moved in, plus it had not been completed properly. The Heating plus A/C worker voted for a completely current air duct plan plus mold remediation, plus the property owner wanted only to install the same flex product as before. I fiercely declined that genre of air duct system, because clearly it had created an environment for mold to grow plus could not be cleaned as easily. I went back plus forth with my property owner regarding the current air duct, plus I finally was able to force them to agree to the metal genre air duct. I gave research plus studies regarding the material strength plus ease of cleaning plus servicing the metal, so they finally saw that it would be an investment in the long run. Once the current air duct was installed, I learned that I was breathing easier plus saved a honest amount of currency on my electric bill since there was no further leakage.