Install an electric fireplace, it’s a great move.

Every time that I’m up north visiting my family, I spend hours sitting in front of my Grandma’s electric fireplace to get heated up.

We’ve spent numerous holidays gathered around the fireplace to tell stories or catch up with family, plus I’ve taken those memories with me every time I come back to the deep South to my home.

I decided that I wanted to have my own fireplace, however without the trouble of installing 1 made of masonry. In the deep south the people I was with and I do get cold snaps in the Wintertime, so it would be nice to have a fireplace not just for the ambiance, however for the purpose of staying toasty warm on those cold Wintertime nights as well. My husband plus I disagreed for a while on the idea of getting an electric fireplace, but I finally won him over to the plan by letting him think how posh it would look in our high rise house unit. Not only had the people I was with and I completed this project on a do-it-yourself basis, however it would be this incredibly straight-forward. One of the benefits to having an electric fireplace is that it would assist in heating the condo, however not cause an important jump in our energy bill in lieu of using that instead of our central heating system. I was undoubtedly impressed to find that the fireplace quickly heated up the bedroom where it was installed. Not only that, but I could also follow the heat from the hallway across the condo. My husband plus I were both surprised that this worked but it did, plus the people I was with and I were undoubtedly happy to have made the investment in time and money for installing this fireplace.

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