I really enjoy having the rooftop air condenser

Living in a 3 story condominium complex comes with its share of pros plus cons, however speaking for myself personally it has been very much a positive experience.

I have the luxury of being in a building made from solid concrete block, so I never hear any of my neighbors.

One of the greatest pros for me, though, has to be that I do not have an air conditioner or air handler inside the house, but you never undoubtedly realize how much noise an air conditioner, even if it is central, makes until you live without 1 in your home. The fan always seems to run plus make a bombastic noise, plus you regularly have to worry about how long the AC plan runs plus how it will affect your monthly energy bills. I l gained that having all of our units’ AC condensers positioned on the roof of our house building was an investment on behalf of the association, plus it no doubt has paid off in terms of all of the occupants saving on our bi-weekly heating plus cooling bills. The two of us had no plans for installing these types of Heating plus A/C units on the rooftop of the building would undoubtedly result in the systems not needing to job as hard, thus saving us all a good amount of currency in the long run. It also made it easier for our local Heating plus A/C company to come to service the units, because then they were not having to look in bizarre locations to see where any issues were coming from. This issue alone was enough of a benefit due to having all parts in 1 location for both the owners plus for the Heating plus A/C worker.

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