Erecting a fence around my air condenser.

I will regularly set aside a weekend at the start of the Springtime season to job on the landscaping in my yard.

Part of my project always includes clearing the section directly surrounding my air condenser.

I will get down with pulling weeds plus getting rid of any tree branches or debris. This year I decided that for appearances sake, I wanted to put up a nice fence around the condenser so that it isn’t directly visible to all of the neighbors! Noticing that most of the homes around here have bushes or hedges around their air condensers, I decided that a fence would provide a much more polished plus professional look to my yard. Not only that, I worried that having these very dense plants around the machine would possibly block the fan plus affect the way that the air flow gets generated, plus even cause the condenser to stop functioning properly. It is imperative that my central air conditioner job effectively, as the Summer months will be closing in quickly plus I need the colder air flow through my home. After researching bizarre DIY fence options, I decided to put up a small white vinyl privacy fence that was flush against 1 of the exterior walls of my home; Fortunately this was undoubtedly a straight-forward project, which was perfect for me since I am not a particularly handy person, and just to be on the safe side, I called my Heating plus A/C company so they send out my proper Heating plus A/C worker to make sure that I had enough open area around the condenser for air flow plus to prevent debris. After he signed off on my work order, I finally felt as if I had made my air condenser look nice against my place.

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