Blackout curtains are great for heat retention

I have been living in an old 1920’s frame lake house in the Midwest for numerous years, plus while it remains an appealing home, I have spent numerous brutally cold Winters bemoaning the idea that my heat leaks out of the numerous cracks plus crannies in this aged house.

I’ve tried some of the odd and bizarre ways to help insulate the house in order to retain heat, but I cannot seem to find, address, and repair every single section that the heat is escaping from.

Finally I reached my wits end trying to repair this problem, plus I asked my brother what his solutions were in fixing the very same issue at his lake house in the Northeast. Surprisingly, he told me that getting some black out curtains that are sold to darken rooms was the cheapest solution to his ongoing problem with heat escaping in the Wintertime months. I was undoubtedly skeptical about this being the answer to my heating complications, but I figured that there was no harm in at least attempting after meeting failure after failure on my own. I went to 1 of my local department stores to grab a few sets of black out curtains, paid a satisfactory price for them, plus went on my way to the lake house to set them up. After putting them up in numerous rooms throughout my house, I spent the couple few hours walking around to see if I felt a difference. I was incredibly surprised to believe the lovely warmth from my oil furnace was undoubtedly circulating through my house plus not leaking out at all! I could not think that this straight-forward fix was the answer to my annual heating issues, plus I am now a believer in using these to assist in keeping my house hot plus toasty going forward.


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