Using the Oven to Avoid Turning on the Heater

Christmas would soon be arriving plus I knew that I would soon need to bake cookies, but I didn’t have a clue that I would be making cookies as soon as I was.

  • It wasn’t even turkey day yet, however there was a chill in the lake house that made it feel care about it was the middle of an icy winter.

The wind seemed to be blowing through the lake house plus but I had a warm sweater on, I still felt too darn cold. I didn’t want to turn up the temperature control because I wanted to save on the cost of fuel for my oil furnace. I was trying to keep from using the heating for a little while longer. I stood in the family room, looking out the window plus I saw the flurries going every which way. I knew that I was going to need to give up plus turn on the oil furnace. My space oil furnace was not able to keep me warm. I made a fist plus swore that I was going to hold out plus the oil furnace would stay off until after thanksgiving. I looked at the temperature control thinking how simple it would be to flip that switch plus turn it on. I could set the temperature control to seventy plus enjoy a quick burst of heat in the house. I could be warm while waiting for the cold spurt would end. I started going through my cupboards plus I realized I already owned all of the things I needed to bake a batch of cookies. I turned on the oven because I knew the heat would be wonderful plus it would also help to warm me up.

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