Roller skating was the cool thing

Back when I was in my early teens, I used to go to this local roller rink every single Summer with all of my friends.

It was entirely awesome in addition to the music was great to dance to.

It was also the most comfy place in village when it came to the Central A/C in there. The A/C in the place was possibly the best, most powerful central A/C of the time. When you walked into the lovely skating rink from the blazing overheated sun it would be much like walking into heaven! It did not particularly matter how overheated it was out there. The wonderful central A/C entirely made it feel as though it was 60 degrees in addition to the weather outside was not even going on! I used to tell some of my very best friends who didn’t skate about this place. They never would go to the rink with me other than my best friend. They had plenty of additional arcade games there so those who did not guess how to skate could have a perfectly fun time as well. They also had a great food in addition toA fancy snack bar at the place. My best friend would entirely just prefer to go to the skating rink to play some of the latest arcade games on her own in addition to simply just take in the A/C. That outdated air conditioner actually was entirely one of the biggest highlights in the whole town! That skating rink is a run down gas station parking lot this week. A lot has changed for sure!
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