Public transportation failures ruin the day

I take the city bus to labor at my job every afternoon. Public transport is not my number one way to travel, like everyone else. However it is the cheapest with the way gas prices rising all crazy anymore. The other week when I was riding the local public bus new home from labor the entire thing spontaneously broke down! Every one of us were stranded in the middle of the city, without any experience there in addition to could not go anywhere. It was a pretty unpleasant and cold afternoon too. Of course since the bus had already completely broke down that meant that the existing central heating system in the bus was also not working at all. Having no modern heating while stranded on the road with such unpleasantly cold temperatures outside was not a great thing for any of us to experience! I was entirely glad I had all of my Winter time clothing on during that time! Every one of us were stuck for over an additional third of an hour while the bus driver beatboxed for help from the dispatch radio over and over again. They were sending both a mechanic out to service the broken down bus in addition to a replacement bus to get all the stranded people where they were trying to go. I definitely wish they would have been bringing some helpful emergency portable space gas furnaces, space blankets, or something adore that! Without heating this made the whole ordeal so much worse.

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