I’ve just been thinking about my air temperature

You actually might guess there was something I have regularly wondered about, if you’ve ever known me.

And that is what they do in space for heating in addition to A/C for indoor comfort. I suppose of all of those NASA people who risk their lives training for years and going in rocket ships to the distant realm of space. What I’d certainly adore to understand is if they entirely have some form of adequate heating in addition to A/C, for all I guess the temperatures in their insulated space suits may be perfect. This innovation would make no need for any kind of difficult, Central heating in addition to A/C. I suppose a lot of weird thoughts a lot of times about space! So instead of telling people or talking to them about it I Austin write little blog posts about it. So what about heating in addition to A/C set ups while on a rocket journey to space? I suppose those intelligent NASA folks must be pretty overheated dedicatedly standing in those space suits for months at a time. The associated oxygen tanks that they carry couldn’t give heating or cooling to the suits. But who knows, maybe in fact it keeps them nice in addition to relaxed with the exact right temperature! What’s entirely weird, if you ask my humble opinion, is that many programs I’ve previously seen on cable about space missions in addition to stuff such as that have never mentioned heating or A/C! Maybe I’ll find out for myself and write NASA in addition to ask them. Wonder what they’d say?

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