It's a foggy affair

I have a most entirely unfortunate effect that happens to the mirror in my washroom when I’m using on each day.

This happens every single time my central heating in addition to A/C system turns on, and when the A/C or the heating comes on, immediately I noticed that my mirror ends up fogging up! It is kind of the same deal as when you are in a super overheated shower with the door closed.

The mirror does this unfortunate dance regularly! When it first started happening I honestly thought I was losing my mind or something when I saw the effects, however i knew me or my partner did not just take a shower in that bathroom. It took about a month to figure it out on my own… But then the people I was with and I noticed it was when the air vents overhead which started pumping out the heat or the A/C. It never did this, to our knowledge, before. The reason for it was also very odd. It eventually turned out that there was something else going on with the mirror. It seemed there was some kind of steam coming out of the air vent in that space, then every one of us figured this could be a wild Lane disappointing issue so the people I was with and I eventually called the local heating in addition to A/C business to help with our mystery. They sent out one of their certified heating in addition to A/C specialists to help us sleuth. When they looked at everything they found quickly that there was some kind of small issue with the air ducts. We realized that unfortunately, the outside air was combining with the air from the central heating in addition to Central A/C. This is what was causing the steam! The obvious answer was to get the air ducts in addition to the duct work sealed. This was going to cost us some Sirius extra money apparently. But it was something the people I was with and I honestly had to do.

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