I Prefer the Heater to the Thrill of Cutting Down Our Own Tree

Every year my spouse plus I have made our way out into the woods, found the perfect Christmas tree and hacked it down.

  • As the teenagers came along, the people I was with and I would put them into big coats them up plus take them along.

Now that I am getting older, I am not as excited about going out to cut down our tree. I am warm plus cozy in our home plus the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system runs perfectly. My spouse still wants to go out in the cold, but I informed him I would go with him but I wanted to stay in the automobile with the oil furnace running. She told me I was being a Debbie Downer plus I had to go out plus help with the tree. I watched him roll his eyes when I asked if I could take a space oil furnace with me. She jokingly let me know that they had personal gas furnaces I could put in my gloves plus in my socks. They even manufacture gas furnaces that could be placed in particular areas of the coat. When I went on Amazon to try to find the personal gas furnaces she started to laugh at me. She suddenly realized how crazy I was about having space gas furnaces or personal gas furnaces with me if I had to go out into the woods. It makes me wonder if it is my getting older or the arthritis that I now have. Maybe I am just fatigued of walking through knee high snow plus hauling the tree back to the car. There have been times when the people I was with and I had trudged over a mile into the woods then hauled the tree back a mile. It was fun when the people I was with and I were young and healthy, however now I want to try to make it fun again, by having the personal gas furnaces or just staying home.
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