Growing Up in the South Made Me Unaware How Cold Winter Gets

I was born and raised in the south.

I never really liked the extreme heat of the Summer plus I went to hang out with my sister quite often, in the summertime. It was so attractive up in the north where she lives plus I couldn’t suppose of anywhere else I would move to if I ever decided to relocate. My spouse’s job was in the south plus she constantly told me it was okay if I went someplace without her for a while, but she did not want to leave me. I found out that the reason she was okay with my going somewhere else, was because she was having an affair. I couldn’t suppose it took me almost forever to wise up plus leave him. I had to find someplace else to hang my hat. I called my sister plus told her what was going on. She told me that I could move into her lake house until I could find a job plus get my own apartment. I was so sad about making the move plus I didn’t even tell my ex I was moving. The first month was very delightful as it was still fall. It was a little cool but I was genuinely comfortable with just a light jacket on when I went out. I told my sister that I would still have the air conditioner running. A month later, the snow was coming down. I had to have the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system in the car, running on high as I made my way around looking for work. The oil furnace was sending heat to the lake house but even so, I was frigid. The temperature control said it was seventy-two but I still had goosebumps. I kept thinking how Christmas was coming soon plus I would still be enjoying my pool. Instead, I am wondering why I chose to relocate up north.


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