Getting Rid of the Hot Tub to Save on Energy Costs

I don’t have a clue if you have ever been through a Winter that is so cold that not even the warm tub is hot, but I have.

There were occasions when I went outside plus I expected the warm tub surface to be iced over.

I was going to turn the power off to the warm tub, but I was told it wasn’t all that great for the liner plus I really needed to keep water in it, however to keep the temperature low so it would not ice over. This was a wonderful plan until I got the energy bill. I had a challenging enough time paying to keep my oil furnace running plus keeping us warm, let alone trying to keep a warm tub warm so I didn’t destroy the liner. I wanted to keep my home heated, so I chose to keep the oil furnace running so the people I was with and I didn’t freeze. The next afternoon, I shut off the oil furnace to the warm tub plus I pulled the plug on the water. I then picked up the phone plus put the warm tub in the classifieds in the free for free column. When my child got home that night, she was so sad about it. She had been laboring out in the gym plus she wanted to be able to get into the warm tub plus let her muscles get less tense. I reminded him that it was -2 degrees outside and suggested that if she wanted to warm her muscles, she could take a warm showerf. When she started to protest, I held out my hand plus asked if she wanted to put any money toward the energy bill. She was only sixteen so I already was sure about the answer to that. She went upstairs plus turned the water on in the bathtub, however not before she increased the temperature control in the washroom.


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