Why you should look into a variable speed furnace

A friend of mine that is an HVAC technician is always giving me advice about my furnace and I finally listened to him.

For the first time I am going to upgrade my HVAC system.

I have never upgraded my HVAC system because I never saw the point. I have decided that I will get a variable speed furnace because my current heating and cooling unit is not working well. Apparently if I have a variable speed furnace I will be able to keep it a lot longer. My HVAC technician said that all of his clients that have switched to a variable speed furnace have been very happy. I really can’t wait to see if my HVAC technician is right about how much money I will save with my new HVAC upgrade. I usually don’t care about my HVAC system because it works fine, but now that my furnace has stopped working very well I think it is time that I listen. The best part about my HVAC technician giving me advice is that I don’t have to know much about HVAC. He really helps me figure everything out and takes the time to explain the different types of HVAC equipment. When he told me about the variable speed furnace he explained that it will last much longer than a typical furnace because it doesn’t have to switch on and off, that is why it’s called a variable speed furnace! Apparently when a furnace or really any piece of HVAC equipment has to turn on and off it is really bad for the system and can cause the HVAC parts to wear out a lot faster. The HVAC technician told me that my new system should last me for almost 15 years.


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