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What is totally strange, plus has had me quite curious, is the fact that every single time I am scanning online to see what the best possible air filters are, I keep seeing that HEPA brand is the best out there, but what I would savor to suppose is why HEPA air filters are most reliable? I keep seeing this everywhere I go, but I can not find any answers as to why HEPA air filters are the absolute best… I’ve seen discussions about HEPA air filters for all different kinds of things, and but, when I was reading about the HEPA filters for heating and cooling systems I was just starting to get a rough method of why people rave about these things.

  • It seems to me as if HEPA air filters have a longer lasting life compared to other air filters for heating and cooling systems on the market this week.

When I say longer lasting life, I am referring to the amount of time they can stay located in the central heating plus a/c method before having to be changed, hEPA air filters are a little more expensive than generic air filters or even other major name brand air filters, mostly relying on where you go to buy them. With that being said, I do know what I read. The main thing that keeps bothering me is that I can’t find anything else documented other than they last a little longer than other air filters, however something is fishy to me there. However, I feel as if I am going to just go out plus buy some HEPA air filters to test in my own Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit.

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