Total exhaustion from moving, and now the A/C isn’t working. What a day!

This past weekend, I had to help some of my in-laws move their entire home. It was rough, mostly because we had to move on one of the hottest days I’ve seen in this area in over four years! It took about two full days to get everything moved from house #1 to house #2, and by the end I was totally beat. I couldn’t wait to go home, take a cool shower, and fall asleep in my bed as the cool air from my air conditioning system chilled my aching body. Well, I didn’t get to do such a thing, because my A/C system had broken down while I was gone! What a nightmare that proved to be. I was so mad when I walked into the house and felt how hot it was, but I didn’t hesitate to call my usual HVAC service provider and schedule an appointment. I was lucky, as they had someone cancel their appointment earlier and left an opening for someone to drop by my home that same day. When the service technician arrived, he quickly worked to inspect my system and see if he could identify the problem. Within about an hour, he was able to find that a few parts inside the outdoor air conditioning unit had to be replaced. Plus, the refrigerant line for the air conditioning system had to be recharged with fresh coolant. Once those two things were taken care of, my A/C system kicked back on and immediately began to cool down the house. I was so relieved, I fell asleep in my chair as I waited for the HVAC repair technician to collect his things and head out!

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