Restaurant isn’t the right temperature

My husband and I like to go out to dinner at least once a week for a date night.

We really try to do this even now that we have kids.

It helps our relationship because we can get closer while the kids stay at home with a babysitter. Last week, we were having trouble decided where we wanted to go for our date night and we finally chose a local pizza place. When we got to the pizza place our waitress showed up to our seats. Right when we sat down we both noticed that it was freezing cold in the pizza place. I asked the waitress if we were sitting underneath an air conditioning vent, but she said that we weren’t. I asked if it would be possible for us to move seats so that we didn’t have to be in the direct line of the air conditioner vents, but she didn’t like this idea. However, she moved us to an area that she thought would be out of reach of the air conditioner. My husband and I started to notice that other people were complaining about the air conditioner too. The waitress came back over to our table to tell us that her manager had called a local HVAC company to come out and service the air conditioner so that we could all have a nice and comfortable dinner. However, the HVAC company didn’t show up until after we had already eaten. At least all the other customers got to eat dinner in peace.

a/c serviceman