Prepare for the worst temperatures with HVAC maintenance, even if they don't come

The weather has been so good lately that all I want to do is just sit back, relax, and enjoy it.

  • The summer has been just right this year.

There are some days that have been a bit too warm, but most days have been warm and pleasant in a balmy way, with a nice cool breeze in the shade. This is the kind of summer where you use up as many vacation days as you can. I’m so grateful to live in a beach town at that! Many summers find me having to use air conditioning just to stay cool. Lately though, it has felt more like spring, and I have simply used a combination of open windows and box fans to great effect. I’ve got fresh air blowing through my home keeping it cool and wonderful. I couldn’t have necessarily anticipated such wonderful summer weather, so I made sure that my air conditioner was ready for the summer months in May. Though the summer is milder than I anticipated, I don’t regret having my air conditioner worked on. It’s worth every penny just in case the summer turns out to be a scorcher! Besides, as I mentioned, not every day of this summer has been perfect, and I have had to use my air conditioner at times. If I’m lucky, maybe this winter won’t be as cold as it often is. Maybe, it will be milder and I won’t have to rely on my furnace so heavily. Hoping that will be the case will not stop me from getting the right maintenance on it beforehand though!

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