My “sick days” are for when I'm sick and tired of the weather!

Sometimes, I think that life would be a whole lot easier if we didn’t have such oppressive weather and temperatures where I live.

We have a couple weeks in the spring and the fall at the most during which the days are actually pleasant.

I feel like my city should actually celebrate such times as some sort of yearly event! Beautiful weather really is that rare around here. There are days in the dead of winter and the middle of the summer in which I don’t want to do anything but hide in my own home! Within my home, at least I know I have a robust HVAC system to keep me as comfortable as possible. As a result, there are a smattering of days throughout the year in which I make some excuse or another so that I don’t have to step out into the heat or cold at the beginning of the work day, nor do I have to endure it when I return in the afternoon. Thankfully, I don’t actually get sick very often at all. Thus, I typically use my “sick days” as days when I really just don’t feel like coming into work at all. These days are few and far between, but every now and then, my laziness wins out over my sense of duty. It’s typically when the heating system is feeling particularly nice on a cold morning when it’s well below freezing outside. I also may be tempted to stay home in the summer when I open my front door and get hit with a wave of heat and humidity and really feel like closing it again to enjoy the air conditioning for the rest of the day!



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