It’s important that you know the size of the room for your heating and cooling system

When you have a heating and cooling system it is really important that you make sure it is the proper size for your room.

  • I am no expert no HVAC, but I do have a really great HVAC technician that is always helping me out.

I was having a problem with my AC unit and my trusty HVAC technician explained to me that he figured it was the wrong size for me home. I told my HVAC technician that I had no idea I needed a certain size HVAC system, and he said he could explain it to me. Now I really understand why the size of an HVAC system matters. If you have an air conditioner or really any piece of HVAC equipment that is too big it is going to shut on and off far too much. When you have HVAC equipment that is cycling on and off you are really doing too much because it is going to wear out much faster. The best thing you can do for your HVAC system is to measure your room or let your HVAC technician do it. If the HVAC system is too small for the space it’s going to spend a lot of effort and energy trying to work overtime. The HVAC system that works overtime will always cause wear on the various HVAC parts and it won’t last as long. When you get an HVAC system that is the appropriate size you will notice a much more efficient heating and cooling system. When I got rid of my AC unit that was far too large I noticed a drop in my electric bill. I always thought that if I went with the biggest and best HVAC system I would save money, but that was not the correct thinking.

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