How to get a discount on your HVAC service

I am someone that always likes to try and get the best deals around.

I think that I have figured out how to get the best deals on HVAC service, and the reason I am telling you about this is because I talked to my HVAC technician last week. My HVAC technician is a friend of mine from high school, and we even took an HVAC class together! The HVAC class that I took was as far as I got with HVAC, but it was pretty fun. I understand some basics of HVAC, but all I have ever done to my own heating and cooling system is change the air filter. My HVAC technician friend told me that the best way for me to save money would be to look up competitors deals online. He said that his HVAC company, and many others, will offer price matches if you can prove that a local HVAC business is offering a cheaper service. He said that he wasn’t allowed technically to tell me where to look, but a quick internet search for lowest priced HVAC near me was all I needed to do. I found a few HVAC companies and all I had to do was call and request a quote. After I found the cheapest HVAC company I saved the number and called back my friend that works as an HVAC technician. I gave him the number to the other HVAC company and he said he would give it to his boss. Next week the HVAC technician is coming out and I will have a new air conditioner installed for almost $400 less than the original price!


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