How I Got Sold On The New Car I Bought

I was at a car showroom recently looking to buy a new car.

There were a lot of specifics I was looking for in a new car, which none of the sales reps I seen there knew.

I did that with reason. I totally did not want any sales reps knowing what I was looking for to seal a deal on a new car. The reason for this is because all sales reps will lie through their teeth to twist the truth just enough to make you hear what you want to. Then, they make a sale, get their commission, and you are left with something that in the long run, is utterly useless to your personal needs every which way! Looking at all these cars on my own, I finally found what exactly I was looking for! It was pretty simple. I just wanted a car that had the most powerful heating and air conditioning system in it. My last car had a very weak heating and air conditioning system in it. It was so messed up towards the end of its life, that it would only run when the car was moving! This was very bad for the hot Summers. If I was caught in traffic, I would have no air conditioning until I started moving! I made sure that would not happen with the new models of heating and air conditioning systems that were in the cars today. So I bought my new car all based on the heating and air conditioning system! It may sound unreal, but that is the 100 percent truth!