Finally getting around to restarting my HVAC service plan

When my wife and I first moved into our home, we insisted on having a heating and A/C maintenance plan.

  • I had one previously through my apartment complex, and that was invaluable! It made repairing the furnace or A/C unit totally painless, as many of the repairs were covered under the plan.

Living in a house though, we didn’t have that guaranteed in the rental agreement – so, we found a company and hired them to be our providers for a monthly service agreement. As time wore on, and my wife and I had a few children, we had to cut costs where we could – among those costs was the HVAC service plan. I didn’t like having to go without that service plan, as I knew that this would be the one time when the heating and cooling systems would start to break down. Sure enough, it only took about two years without monthly check-ups for my house to start showing signs of disrepair with the HVAC system. It took longer and longer for the air conditioning unit to cool down the house, and the furnace would run without end for hours before the home felt even slightly warmer! This also meant that our utility bills had skyrocketed. Ultimately, it was just as expensive for us to go without the service plan, compared to maintaining it! Thankfully, we recently restarted our maintenance plan for the heating and air conditioning systems. Now, we have a monthly visit from the HVAC service technician, who ensures our systems are working as intended. That’s peace of mind that cannot have a price put on it.

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