A music hall with incredible air conditioner almost makes me nod off during a performance

I had been looking forward to this classical music concert for a couple months.

I got my tickets in early August and the performance was to be in October.

It takes a while for fall weather, nevermind winter weather to arrive in this area. However, the temperatures on the afternoon of the performance were in the record highs for our city! It was 90 degrees with almost 100% humidity! I decided that the weather wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying a wonderful musical performance. After all, I had dealt with worse heat before. When I found my seat in the music hall, I realized that the air conditioner felt amazing. I was quite happy that I wouldn’t have to endure one bit of the heat outside as I enjoyed the performance. I was particularly relieved, because the 30-minute trip into town through heavy traffic was not exactly pleasant. The air conditioner in my vehicle had been acting up for some time, and it just didn’t seem to be pushing out very much cold air. I decided that I would get it fixed soon, but at least it was nice and cool at my destination. The music turned out to be beautiful but also quite peaceful. Many of the pieces performed had such a dreamy and tranquil effect on me that I actually started to doze a bit! I realized it was a combination of how wonderful the air-conditioning felt combined with the calming music that made me feel so sleepy. Maybe, I should crank up my air conditioner and listen to classical music when I go to bed at night!


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