A miserable fever and a cold doctor's office

I recently developed a fever that was serious enough to visit the doctor during the workday.

  • Mind you, I felt absolutely miserable.

I was all stuffed up, I had a persistent headache, my eyes hurt, and I was a bit nauseous and freezing cold. I knew that I would have to endure a freezing-cold doctor’s office, but this was the worst experience by far. It was mid-july after all, so the air conditioner in the doctor’s office compensated by being set extremely low. I huddled in a chair in the waiting room and thought to myself, “How can this possibly be a place where I’m supposed to get better when it feels so miserable?” On top of everything, the only available seats were right below an air vent. At one point, I simply decided to stand up in the corner instead of having to endure that cold blast air. The other sick people probably just thought I wanted to get away from them, which was not entirely untrue. After what seemed like forever, the doctor finally called me into his office. The examination room was even colder, as one would expect. The doctor took my temperature and told me that I had a fever of 102 degrees. If my body temperature was 102 degrees, why in the world was I so cold! Maybe when I could get out of the air conditioning in the building and go back into the hot parking lot I would feel better. Wouldn’t you know it, just as I was leaving the doctor’s office, I went from feeling the coldness of the fever to sweating and feeling hot!

a/c worker