My House Came Without an HVAC System:

My year ended in divorce last year.

It was a very difficult time for the two of us, because we didn’t fully understand how to handle everything neutrally.

When all was said plus done, I let my spouse keep the house because I knew I’d be able to find something in no time. I still wanted our kiddos to have a nice place to stay whenever they stayed at my place, so I started searching for something I could rent rather abruptly. There wasn’t much time to decide on a house, so I chose one of my first options. I knew it wasn’t the greatest, but I didn’t have much time. When I was moving my stuff into the house, I tried to put the cooling system due to the heat. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the thermostat. I searched high and low in that house, but eventually had to call my proprietor to see where he installed the thermostat. After beating around the bush for a few minutes, he told me that the house didn’t have a Heating plus A/C system. My jaw hit the floor because I was so stunned! How was I supposed to reside in a house without any Heating plus A/C method installed. I told my proprietor that there needed to be a Heating plus A/C supplier at my doorstep that week with a new Heating plus A/C method if he wanted me to stay. I still couldn’t imagine living in a home without Heating plus A/C system. I just assumed that all houses came with one.

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