My Dad Bought A House Without Heat or Air:

Last year my parents got a divorce.

It was truly a messy situation for everyone involved. They clearly didn’t know how to handle everything civilly. When all was said in addition to done, my mom kept the house and my dad had to find something else. He still wanted my brother and I to come visit him and have a nice place to stay, so he began looking for something pretty swiftly. He didn’t have much time to decide on a good place, so he ended up choosing the first house he toured. I knew it wasn’t the best system for him, but he really didn’t have much time at all. On the day he moved in I went to help him unpack everything. When I tried to turn on the AC because it was truly hot inside, I couldn’t find the temperature control anywhere. We searched all over his new house, but neither of us could find it. My dad had to call his new property owner to see where the temperature control was mounted. After several minutes of beating around the topic, he told us that there was no Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system installed at all! Our jaws basically hit the floor, because we were shocked after hearing this. How were we supposed to stay in a home that didn’t have any heat or air. My dad told the property owner that he needed to have a Heating in addition to Air Conditioning contractor visit the house to look at the best possibilities for having a new Heating in addition to Air Conditioning plan installed. I couldn’t believe that my dad didn’t even ask about the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system before committing to something. I just assumed that was something everyone did.

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