Locking the smart thermostat from me and the kids

My home is getting a complete remodel done.

I bought it knowing about all the work that it needed to have done.

So I was enthusiastic to completely redo it. It was in an amazing location, plus I had a really particular idea for it. I’m still not certain if I’m going to live in it permanently after it’s finished up, or sell it for a profit. I guess it depends how long the process will take the guys. I’ve already hit our first setback though. While the people were over, they hit a pipe plus it burst. All the floors were covered in water, plus the power was shut off in order to prevent anymore water issues. I’ve been staying with Cara in the meantime. On our first evening in her house, I got seriously hot during the middle of the night. I was so hot that it caused myself and others to wake up plus go searching for her temperature control. I wouldn’t normally go into someone’s house plus switch their temperature control settings, but she is my best pal plus I was desperate. When I finally found the thermostat in the hallway, it wouldn’t let myself and others make any changes. After hitting it a few times, I gave up plus took a cold shower. The next day, I told her the temperature control was broken. Apparently, they had a smart temperature control plus the settings were locked due to the kids messing with it. That is why I got no AC at night.

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