I Rented a New Apartment But There Was No HVAC System:

Last year my wife plus I got a divorce.

It was a mess for both of us, plus didn’t understand how to handle everything respectfully.

When all was said plus done, I gave her the house because I knew I’d find something a little nicer than she would. I really wanted our youngsters to have a great place to stay whenever they visited their dad, so I began looking for something I could rent in the meantime. I didn’t have much time to find something, so I went with the first apartment I found. I knew it wasn’t the best, but I didn’t have much time to spare. On the day I moved in, I switched on the cooling system because it was too hot inside, but I couldn’t find the control unit anywhere. I searched all over my new apartment, but eventually had to call the building owner to see where the thermostat was located. He hesitant told me that the apartment didn’t come with any Heating plus Air Conditioning system! My jaw practically hit the floor because I was so shocked when he told me this information! How was I supposed to live in an apartment that didn’t have any Heating plus Air Conditioning plan installed. I told my new building owner that he needed to hire a Heating plus Air Conditioning company right away, because I needed options for installing a Heating plus Air Conditioning plan. I still couldn’t believe that I didn’t ask about a Heating plus Air Conditioning system before I signed a lease. I just assumed that every apartment would have one.


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