He loves heating and I love cooling

Before you get married, older people will warn you about the honeymoon stage ending plus having to live with each other’s weird habits.

I was a single of those girls thinking that my husband and I would be the one exception to it all.

I’d been with my husband for 4 years plus seen the way he lived on his own. I’d even been on trips with him plus never observed anything that was wrong to me. Once all of us got married plus were living under the same roof for almost a year, I slowly began to realize that I was wrong plus the honeymoon stage was most certainly over. He never put his clothes in the basket, he left his socks everywhere, plus he never turned the lights off. All of these things irritated me, however they’re minimal compared to his biggest issue. We are opposites when it comes to the thermostat control settings at evening. I’m someone who prefers the temperature set really high air conditioning so I can bundle up. I also adore to keep a fan running for background noise. My husband on the other hand wants to feel hot plus sleep on top of the covers without any noise. So he cranks our heater device any chance he gets. Every night, all of us argue about heating and air conditioning. He complains that the cold air is upsetting to him and I hate having the heater on. We can’t even meet in the middle of this either.

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