Getting a car with better HVAC settings

Being a family of 6 has its challenges. As a kid I constantly dreamed of having a lot of kids. But nobody told me about everyday things that would be a challenge. For example, our family of 6 can’t walk into a restaurant plus be seated right away. We either have to call ahead, or wait for them to find enough space. When all of us go on a plane, all of us have to book two hotel rooms and that costs money. There is simply not enough section in a single. We also had to trade in our small cars plus upgrade to a large van when all of us had our next kid… It took us awhile to find the right car for our large family too. First, we tried a used minivan, however our children constantly complained about the lack of heater use plus air conditioning use in the far back seats… There was only a single set of temperature controls on the dash, plus a small vent with HVAC in the minute row of seats. It was so terrible, that our kids started arguing over who got to sit where in the van on a weekly basis; Leaving the home was constantly a battle, plus fights were constantly started, however my husband plus I decided to upgrade to a newer SUV instead. We’ve only had the new car for a few weeks, but it’s been such a difference in the mood of our kids when it comes to going to places! There are temperature controls up front plus in the back two rows.

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